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Novopay – The Future of Banking

The future of banking is all about digital transformation. Novopay can be your trusted partner with its state-of-the-art banking platform that is cloud-native, mobile-first, API enabled, and AI-driven. Whether it is Flow-based digital Lending, Prepaid Cards, or Payment Solutions, Novopay’s products can be licensed or subscribed as a service. Novopay’s Banking Platform includes an Al engine that is joined at the hip to its CBS components.

The Novopay Banking Solution comes with mobile apps out of ­the box. This means “mobile banking” solutions do not have to be built as an afterthought – a mobile app is included in our solution offering.

Cloud-native Novopay Banking Solution means built-in elasticity into the deployment architecture. Our solution can be deployed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or existing Private Data Centres, rapidly in a matter of weeks!  Its layered architecture and lego blocks of micro-service components available as APIs allow for rapid business innovations and solution deployment. Novopay provides a dedicated development team to customize and maintain client-specific solutions. Our 24×7 dev-ops team can maintain and provide 99.99% uptime guarantees to help the NBFC teams to focus on business growth.

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